Departure procedures - study abroad

Information on departure procedures for SGH students going abroad for exchange programs and didactic programs

SGH Students (of all study levels), travelling abroad to study as part of exchange programs (Erasmus +, PIM, bilateral agreements), didactic programs (CEMS, double diploma programs, Polish-German Academic Forum) or on an individual basis (Freemover, summer schools) are obliged to comply with the “Regulations for student and doctoral mobilities” (Rector’s Order No. 51 [Annex 1] of 11.10.2017).

The documents included in the following sections are binding for all students going abroad to complete their study period and are determined by the Rector’s order:

Before mobility - concerns: Fall term 2021/2022

Pre-departure procedure for undergraduate students:

The student sends to International Centre [electronic files attached to the e-mail] the following documents:

  • Departure application (in Word; the student is asked to paste a photo of his / her signature)
  • Student’s commitment (in Word or PDF; the student is asked to paste a photo of the signature)
  • Learning Agreement (in Word; the student is asked to paste a photo of the signature)
  • Language declaration - if applicable (in Word; the student is asked to paste a photo of the signature)

above mentioned documents have been sent to selected students by their contact persons in International Centre

Pre-departure procedure for graduate students:

The student sends to International Centre [electronic files attached to the e-mail] the following documents:

  • Exchange request
  • The student’s commitment
  • Through USOSweb, the student submits:

Learning Agreement (in the case of a trip for 2 semesters - LA for each semester)

Additional documents for undergraduate and graduate students:

  • Letter of Acceptance signed and sent by the host university (in the case of the Erasmus + / PO WER / EEA Education program, it is necessary to calculate the amount of the grant):
    • for Erasmus + participants according to the following formula:
  • for students leaving under bilateral agreements, PIM, CEMS without a scholarship, summer schools and freemovers, the Letter of Acceptance is issued by a host university
  • Compulsory insurance covering the costs of treatment abroad (EHIC in force in EU countries) and accident insurance (eg ISIC or Euro 26) - no later than 1 month before departure (sending a copy by e-mail to the contact person). In the case of Erasmus + students, the lack of such confirmation will delay the payment of the scholarship.
  • The certificate of eligibility for the trip necessary to obtain an EHIC or a visa can be obtained from the contact person in International Centre after submitting all the required documents.
  • We suggest theft insurance; in the case of trips to “exotic” countries, please find out about the necessary or recommended preventive vaccinations.
During mobility
  • Information on contact details during your stay abroad - the form in a pdf file should be sent by e-mail to the contact person of the program (Ms Agata Kowalik, Ms Marta Tymińska, Ms Nadiya Skyba) within 2 weeks of arrival at the partner university:
  • Changes to Learning Agreement - changes to the curriculum (LA) declared prior to departure should be reported (according to the applicable procedure) within 1 month from the date of the beginning of the semester at the host university:
    • Undergraduate students - Changes to LA Erasmus + form sent by email to the contact person at CWM (Agata Kowalik, Marta Tymińska)
    • Master’s Students - changes should be reported by the Virtual Dean’s Office (the procedure for submitting changes is available on the DSM website); Changes to LA Erasmus + form sent by email to the contact person at CWM (Agata Kowalik, Marta Tymińska)
    • Students leaving under bilateral agreements, PIM, CEMS without a scholarship, CEEPUS, free movers report Changes to LA via USOSweb.
  • After obtaining the Dean’s consent to introduce the reported changes, the host university’s signature on Changes to LA should be obtained.

At the end of your stay

  • Letter of Confirmation - ONLY FOR STUDENTS WITH ERASMUS + KA103 / PO WER / EEA SCHOLARSHIP, signed by the coordinator of the host university.

IMPORTANT - we recommend that the dates agree with the dates of the Letter of Acceptance - then the awarded scholarship will not change
ATTENTION! the document cannot be signed earlier than 5 days before the final mobility date

Upon return

All documents should be delivered to SGH International Center (room 17, “A” building) not later than 1 month after the end of stay on exchange (i.e. 1 month from the end date on the Letter of Confirmation or the end date of the first exam session). In the current situation, there is a possibility of delivering documents in electronic form.

Students should deliver all the required documents; after receiving the transcript of records International Centre will enter the grades on the course approval form.


  • Course approval form – applicable to all students (Erasmus, CEMS, PIM, bilateral agreements, free-movers)
  • Hard copy (original) of the Learning Agreement, signed by SGH and the host university + hard copy of the Changes to Learning Agreement form signed by the student and host university [in case of making changes during mobility]
  • Transcript of records – usually host universities send one directly to SGH
  • Course equivalent proposal form – signed by the authorised lecturer; please, submit it to the Dean’s Office
  • Original/hard copy of Letter of Confirmation​ (Erasmus+ KA103 / PO WER) or Certificate of Attendance​ (Erasmus+ KA107) – the dates on this document should be identical to the ones stated on the Letter of Acceptance. In this case, the amount of the scholarship will remain the same. This document should not be signed earlier than 5 days before the final date stated in the Letter of Confirmation
  • Report – only electronic version (pdf file – 3-5 pages) - please, send it by e-mail to the exchange program contact person. Important! Please do not include your personal data or any other sensitive data in your report.
    • Report for double degree students
    • Report (Erasmus+, PIM​, bilateral agreements, CEMS MIM, Polish-German Academic Forum, Freemover)​
  • Erasmus+ online survey to be completed at the European Commission website – you will receive a link to the survey by e-mail to SGH e-mail address. Please, note that the survey is compulsory for the Erasmus+ students’ program
  • Online Linguistic Support (OLS) – please, expect an e-mail with the link to the final test. The test should be taken within 5 days from the date you receive it.
Erasmus+ – documents for beneficiaries

Students selected for mobilities within the Erasmus+ program will receive funding specified in the financial agreement signed between the student and SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Financial agreements will be sent to students by e-mail to an account in the SGH domain.

Scholarship rates for study mobilities in the 2021/2022 academic year to universities in program countries:

  • EUR 520: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • EUR 500: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Italy
  • EUR 450: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Republic of North Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary


PO WER – International mobility of students with special needs

Students with special needs selected for Erasmus+ mobilities to program countries may receive additional financial support under the PO WER program (“International mobility of students with special needs. Edition 3.”)

Support can be obtained by:

  • students whose scope of disability has been confirmed by a certificate within the meaning of the provisions of the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons;
  • students with a decision on granting a social scholarship in accordance with the principles resulting from the provisions of the law on higher education.

The condition for obtaining this support by SGH students is that students receive a social scholarship when they are qualified for the Erasmus program.

Students in one of the above-mentioned situations should consult their contact persons in International Centre for more information

OLS – Online Linguistic Support

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is compulsory for the mobilities of Erasmus+ outgoing students to Program Countries (does not apply to Erasmus+ with partner countries). The OLS catalogue currently includes tests and courses in 24 languages.

Before starting the mobility, each student who goes to study or practice is required to complete an online test in the language in which he/she will study or carry out an internship.

ATTENTION! The link to the test will be sent to the student’s email address in the SGH domain. An account on the OLS platform must be set up at the SGH e-mail address.

Based on the result of the language proficiency test, the university will grant an online course license to selected mobility participants (persons who wish to take part in the course, according to their linguistic needs). The course will be available during the student’s mobility period.

A student who in the pre-departure test scores lower than B2 will automatically receive a license for the online language course.

Before the end of the stay, the student who completed the first language test will receive an e-mail with a link to the second test with a validity period of several days. The test must be completed immediately [please also check your spam folder].

Extension of stay at partner university

The student has the option of extending his/her stay of study at the partner university, provided that certain criteria are met and not in every case:

  • In the case of PIM and bilateral agreements, the student has a maximum of 2 months from the start of classes to report the intention to extend the stay at a partner university, provided that the host university agrees to such an extension without the necessity of losing the place by SGH in the following years (based on the exchange balance).
  • In the case of the ERASMUS+ KA103 program, the extension of mobility depends on the availability of funds - the student cannot complete given mobility partly with a scholarship and partly with zero co-financing. It also depends on whether the student still has enough months to use in his/her mobility capital: within a given level of study, a student may receive a mobility grant (studies and/or internship) for a maximum of 12 months. Students interested in extending their mobility are asked to contact their contact person at International Centre.
  • In the case of Erasmus+ KA107, only mobilities for 1 semester are possible.
  • Students going as Freemovers must obtain the consent of the host university to extend their stay. Students should apply for the extension not later than 2 months from the start of classes at a host university.
  • Another condition is not to extend the stay for the next academic year, i.e. a student going to the Spring term of a given academic year cannot extend his/her stay for the Fall term of the next academic year.

In addition, the student should provide consent for such an extension by the host university with the information that it will not be necessary to lose the place from the next selection. The Dean’s consent is also required to extend the period of study abroad for the next semester (it is best to write an application with such a request). After obtaining the Dean’s consent for the application, the student will have to prepare an exchange request and a Learning Agreement for the next semester. The consent for the extension by SGH will of course be conditional, and the condition is to pass the first semester of the exchange.

Additional information

International Centre

Agata Kowalik
Erasmus+ for studies and placements to Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden
room17 (entrance through room 15), build. A
ul. Rakowiecka 24
tel.: +48 22 564 98 44

Marta Tymińska
Erasmus+ for studies and placements to Austria, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Hungary and UK
room17 (entrance through room 15), build. A
ul. Rakowiecka 24
tel.: +48 22 564 78 23

Nadiya Skyba
PIM and bilateral agreements
room17 (entrance through room 15), build. A
ul. Rakowiecka 24
tel.: +48 22 564 97 60

Galina Wandel
Polsko-Niemieckie Forum Akademickie
room 16 (entrance through room 15), build. A
ul. Rakowiecka 24
tel.: +48 22 564 93 86